The fascinating and key effects of a father’s presence in the household on his children


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Well ok…I guess I’ll just see myself out then.

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But in all seriousness, to the readers of word press, I would like to express my apologies for not writing sooner. Unsurprisingly, I overestimated the amount of time I believed I had available to blog this past school year and for that I apologize. Never fear however, this summer there will be a host of new sustaining you blog posts coming into your word press inbox, starting with today’s special (very very very late) father’s day post!

Most people understand that a mother is essential to a child’s development but many fail to understand how a child’s life is enriched by the presence of their father and how their development can sometimes not live up to its full potential by their absence. There are many ways a father shapes a child’s development and here are some of the things I found particularly interesting on my exotic adventure surfing the frothy waves of the internet (i.e.- facts I found on the internet that were cool).

One fascinating effect of an absent father found in a research study in 2004 was that young men living in a fatherless home had “double the risk of youth incarceration”- quite a significant figure. Another study detailed the effects of fathers being absent in the homes of young girls and found that this affected the young women in several ways. One strange way this affected girls was that girls would be more likely to start their period later when their father was involved in their life. Another strange statistic found that girls were less likely to be in unhappy or dangerous relationships later in their life if their father was part of the household. Similarly, rates of teenage pregnancy have been correlated with lesser father presence in a teenage girl’s life.

Besides these statistics, I can attest from instances in my own life that I have gained a new perspective, been inspired by, and have been pushed to succeed from my own dad’s presence in my life. And while father’s day was many moons ago, I believe fathers are people we are truly lucky to have in our lives and those of us who do should be grateful every day!

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One thought on “The fascinating and key effects of a father’s presence in the household on his children

  1. Wonderful and thought-provoking. Are there some works in the psychological sciences which can help with cause and effect type analysis of the data? such as daughters in dangerous relationship and it correlation to missing dads. Makes for an awesome dads day read.


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