Deep Breathing

Hi. The title makes no sense I know, and it might seem like this is once again one of those meditative posts like last time…..and it kind of is 😅. But anyways, today I wanted to share my own view about people in the world around me having quite heated arguments, and how I’ve seen a decline in civil debate in the past ten years locally and somewhat nationwide.

In my view, I accredit this to several factors but mainly- ignorance and judgement. I would like to restate that this is MY approach. Sorry, I know most reading this aren’t the people I have seen on the media and in my life whom I get into heated debates with but I’m seeing so much hate these days where people automatically jump to conclusions. What annoys me slightly more than this though, is people who take these popular/ or unpopular people’s words without a grain of salt. I don’t like negativity either so I will provide for something to make my rant a bit more positive and also practical.

I think one way to combat this is if you are arguing with someone just think from your own perspective: you wanna win the argument, you may even believe their approach is immoral; just remember that it’s only an argument, try to put yourself in their shoes, and most of all at the end of the day – how would you like to spend the day. BUT if you are arguing about something very personal, which I wouldn’t advise (as your friend❤️); and they say something that hurts you, and let’s say later they still hold it against you and won’t accept another viewpoint can be there then I would say listen to your feelings and maybe find some new friends. Remember that you are amazing and innately posses dignity!






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