A little uplifting

***Not medical advice, these are my own thoughts***

HELLO EVERYONE!!! Firstly I would like to say: yes it’s the Holidays let’s rejoice! But I realize that sometimes there are just colossal facts that are putting so much pressure on everyone this holiday season; whether it be college essays, problems with friends or difficult relatives, or unique problems that don’t really fall into any of the latter categories. I want to tell you not just that; “everything will be fine”, or that you are “one in a million”, because.. well, the last statement was just wrong. You are one in more than 7 billion! Simple discrepancies aside though, I want you to know you have a reason for being happy, and if you are super confused or maybe completely saying “what is my reason?” It’s right there in the mirror. You.


For those of you thinking “Ok so how is that supposed to make me happy?”, I just wanted to give a reason to enjoy, it truly does make a difference to think about your needs once in a while. The truth is rejection will always come but what you do after is crucial. What I’ve seen really gives me happiness is thinking I am still amazingly unique because we all have our own perspectives that shape us; so NEVER think that you are lesser when rejection comes. Not to sound cheesy but rejection also helps because it gives you even more drive and can allow one to realize what they truly are passionate about. Similarly if you are in a sad slump right now treat it the same way as rejection and don’t let your thoughts be bundled up inside of you. Talk to someone or write it in a journal. Exercise :0. DO SOMETHING. Sadness might even be a blessing in disguise as well!

My last input is that at least for me anger and sadness are easy to stay in. Sometimes you don’t feel like losing a fight, but don’t be petty!! It will only hurt you in the end. This being said, if you are just feeling sad or angry at someone let them know why what they did hurt you. Or sometimes if you are just feeling sad in general, don’t bottle up your feelings, talk to someone. CRY. IT’S OK.

SORRY. I know I said that would be the last thing but going back to the topic of doing something you love, here are just some fact articles that always make me happy because life is fascinating:


Nature is so cool

My favorite

(Thank you so much for reading, this post was done to raise awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder.)




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