Vegan Banana Bread Batter

Over the past few years there’s been many strange things happening that no one could have expected like Kanye West possibly running for president, a dress that sparked the interest of many scientists because no one could figure of what color it was, people doing a dance called the “whip” which does not look even remotely like a whip, and Twitter users encouraging Kim Kardashian to become a spy. Now you may not know of these events or like most people “care”, but I am quite sure you have heard of or again, like most people eaten the mug cake. For some reason this invention has always eluded me and for the first time I tried making one but then out of laziness and realization, I found an even quicker dessert made healthy–healthy banana bread batter!!

A lot like eating cookie dough before it’s cooked, the vegan banana bread batter tastes so awesome you won’t even miss the fluff of the actual bread!😀


-1 banana

-2-3 tsp flax seed soaked just enough water to cover, for 5 minutes

-1-2 scoops vanilla protein powder (soy, or mild flavored nut based will work better)

-1/4 cup milk

-2 tablespoons coconut flour

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

-1 tsp coconut oil

-1 tsp  vegan sweetener of choice (the time I made this I actually used clover honey but maple syrup or unprocessed agave work perfectly)

-pinch baking powder


Basically all you have to day is mash the banana, pour in all liquids, stir, and then add wet to the already combined dry! Enjoy!!

OPTIONAL–coconut flakes, nut butters of choice, and CHOCOLATE are really fun and tasty additions, so feel free to experiment with any toppings you like!😁


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