Updates and Pancakes

In the beginning there was nothing..




*Cue the epic music.* And I was like, “omg yass! wait but how do I do that?” and embarked on a journey which really confused me…yeah…but anyways I finally have pictures and I think that’s cool! (I’m from 1912 at heart). Obviously in my last post I had pictures too, but I kind of forgot about that which made create a really awesome intro and also it really makes readers pay attention longer because ooh pretty colors. And that my dear, is science.


For a long time now, (on the Internet) there’s been a lot of recipes which are about two ingredient pancakes which call for simply eggs and bananas for a healthy, delicious pancake. Although by that sentence it might seem like I’m skeptical of this recipe, I’m not, I appreciate pancakes of all sizes and flavors. It’s just that for certain members of my family eggs can not be consumed and so I created my own healthy pancake which takes just like a regular pancake but with half the fat, simple carbs, and way more protein. The best part is that it’s vegetarian, and can easily be made vegan!

Healthy Vegetarian Protein Pancakes

(makes 4 silver dollar sized pancakes)

– milk of choice (1/3 cup or until the dry mixture is made into a thin paste)

-1 TBSP flax seed/ chia seed

-1 banana

-1/4 cup oat flour (or 1/4 cup oats ground until powdery in a food processor or Vitamix)

-1/2-1 TBSP sunflower seed oil

-1 full serving of vanilla protein powder

-2-3 tsp maple syrup

-1/2 tsp vanilla extract


1) In a small bowl cover the flax seed with just enough water. Wait for 5-8 minutes.

2) While the flax seed “egg” is forming, pour in all your dry ingredients into a large bowl, and mash the banana in another. Then combine all the liquid ingredients (EXCEPT the milk) with the banana.

3) Pour the banana mixture into the dry mix and stir. Then add enough milk until a thick paste is formed.

4) Add more milk to the paste, until it thins into a more liquidy paste.

5) Then mix in your flax seed “egg”. Once mixed, the mixture should still be a liquidy paste.

6) Pour a palm-sized amounto nto a non-stick pan, cooking for three minutes each side.

7) Add chocolate sauce, maple syrup, honey, agave, or whatever you like on top and enjoy!!





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