My One-Ingredient Favorites that are good for you

Shall we?

Translucent Finishing Powder:

-white Kaolin or French white clay= super gentle for skin and even though most clay detoxify white kaolin won’t, so it is a perfect non- irritable substitute for even the most non-comedogenic finishing powders

Powder blush/ pink eyeshadow:

– Rose Kaolin Clay= super great gentle detoxer! Rose kaolin delivers a wonderful pink hue

warm orange eyeshadow:

– French Red clay= detoxer, sensitive skin can be irritated because of the great detoxing power

*It’s a more potent shade of orange when mixed with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for medium or deeper skin tones*

Black eyeshadow:

-Food grade activated charcoal= wonderful dirt cleanser and healthy detox food, and even more it’s good for the eyes!( from where I have read) but obviously everybody is different.

*will rot*

**Activated charcoal is different from any other charcoal, or black stuff found on the stove, or grill of your house- DON’T SUBSTITUTE IT FOR THAT**

Cleansing and Moisturizing Facial oil:

-Extra Virgin, cold pressed coconut oil= super good at nourishing hair, face and body

*Yes this is great for oily skin, I have an oily forehead and use this and wash with water, and literally feel the oils and dirt go away, it physically can never clog pores because it’s a macromolecule- (it’s bigger than your pores)*

Eye makeup Remover:

– Extra Virgin, cold pressed coconut oil

Eyelash Lengthening Serum:

-Extra virgin, cold pressed Coconut oil

Wow! My last post actually wasn’t too long ago, so it’s not so much of a wow, but still I feel like it’s been a long time. As you can see I am now a more elite “.info” than a “” , so I won’t have much time to worry about your mere mortal questions…Just kidding! I am totally committed ( like 50% of the time) to “”- again, joke. Anyways, those were my favorite one-ingredient things I’ve made and the latter were my favorite one-ingredient jokes? Yeah.. That didn’t work either. Basically what I’m trying to get to is this (and this) (and this)

These wonderful sites will educate about the wonders of clays, and although I haven’t found too much about the goodness of activated charcoal near your eyes, I know for a fact that it’s truly wonderful to skin, teeth, stomach, and many people use it as eyeliner and mascara on with no problems at all AND some people have even reported that it can cure pink eye! Yes natural goodness from the ground is possible, stay tuned on  sustaining😀.


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