Homemade Easy Lipstick

Hello! This me again and in my very first post, which was awfully long, I explained how I was going to do something different than other blog recipes out there, which was keep it short and sweet and first do the recipe or introduce the idea and then talk about it. Considering both of my last posts- that’s hilarious. But I will try to, I sort of promise. With no further a due….here’s my homemade lipstick recipe.


Dark Red Matte Lipstick

Necessary items:

– 1 teaspoon rose kaolin clay

– 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil

– 1 empty plastic/glass jar (a little smaller than a mint tin will work)(preferably flatish)



1) Melt coconut oil until liquid (shouldn’t be too hot.)

2)Add coconut oil to container, then add rose clay- 1/2 teaspoon first, and mix until combined.

3) Then add the last 1/2 of the teaspoon of rose kaolin clay in, and mix very well.

So that is that! This recipe (like many of my other recipes) was based off of Marie Rayma’s (or her site HumblebeeandMe.com) lipstick recipe.


Hacks for the recipe above:

The recipe I created can also double up as cream blush, it’s best if you have a tan to dark skin tone, but works beautifully for some who have paler skin- just use sparingly.

Use your ring finger to dab on the lipstick, or use a lip brush.

If your lipstick gets harder to apply (colder seasons, etc.), warm up a pinch of coconut oil and rub on your fourth finger and push on the lipstick, then apply.

Red cream eyeliner? Well not sure why you would need it but it works…

Add more clay for a richer opacity, or add more coconut oil for a lighter tint.


Benefits of the recipe:

Well first off, it’s coming from Mother Nature, and is not some foreign substance we know little about, coming from a lab. More importantly, it’s a very simple recipe and is good for skin. Rose Kaolin clay is super gentle, and like mostly any clay it has the ability to gently (and naturally) draw out toxins from the skin. Coconut oil is wonderful versatile oil that has some of the best mosturizing properties. Just like rose kaolin clay coconut oil is super gentle, I even put it near my eyes and I have yet to feel even the slightest irritation. Since it’s a macromolecule (bigger than your pores basically) it can not clog them, yet still coconut oil helps clear away dirt. Both rose kaolin clay and coconut oil are safe, and actually good to eat!


So that was my first recipe. If you would like to modify the recipe please FIRST ask me in a comment, or comment any questions. Based on your coconut oil’s expiration date, that is when you should throw out you homemade lipstick, so I suggest making the lipstick in small batches. Have fun and ask me any other recipes to help sustain you!


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