My Thoughts and my one goal

Hi. If you’ve read my last post you are probably laughing, “she goes from crazy and erratic to a ‘ hi’ “, yes, well my last post was a victory for me– at the time. I’ m now quite sheepish of my last post so consider this a clean slate. Okay! In my last post I discussed my start with blogging and what I plan to do with it- sort of. Since it was probably very unclear to many of you what my intentions are with blogging, and why you should choose to do follow- here I am! Let’s start with a story!

Once upon a time, every girl and some men too, wanted to wear makeup to enhance their beauty and protect themselves from evil, and bacteria ( as in the case of Egypt and India, at least).  After a while though, some girls wanted to wear makeup was art and expression- a wonderful idea if not the witches had come! The witches of “salesm”, working for the big corporate companies used to be good but when they realized they could make the powdery concoctions for a much lesser price, they wasted no time in going out to entice! But wait there’s more! Those concoctions they made looked good, at first– but what the little girls (and some boys too) did not know, was that  the quality and goodness of the makeup was something they would rue.

Wow, tears are coming to my eyes. Basically this is the story of marketing and how makeup has such horrible ingredients in the first place. But it’s just makeup right? I mean, sure I’ll just look like a hippo-and-monkey mix but no biggie. If you ever even thought of it like that, you couldn’t be more wrong. The skin is the largest organ of our body, and it absorbs anything applied to it, in thirty seconds. In thirty seconds it is absorbing something that can cause cancer if you use regular makeup, that is. Yeah regular makeup can cause cancer, not so glamorous after all.

This is getting to be a pretty long post so I’ll just explain the gist here: big company makeup is bad, even some natural brands are formulated in labs ( for your safety of course, but can chemically identical things really equal all the goodness mama nature has? And who knows what other things are cooking in the lab alongside), and you can just forget about “mineral makeup” as they don’t necessarily have to contain only pure minerals to be deemed the name.

That’s it for makeup. Now Before I go I want to say that “Natural” doesn’t exactly means it’s good for you- some poisons are natural after all. But here at sustaining you, I’m going to show you recipes for makeup that are naturally good for skin and help you not hurt you. Have to let you go here, but stay tuned!


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