My Start

AAAAAAAHH!! Websites and blogs I have seen seem like a walk in the park, that fantasy park where even bee stings and scrapes on the knee are peaceful…everyone probably took some weird stuff before going there, but my experience was quite different–anyways here’s my story. (que guitar music, and eerie Southern accent)  People say this story is fake but sometimes at night I’ll sit up and remember that wonderful moment when… I decided to pursue… makeup! ‘murica!(tear drops)(on my guitar)(ok stop honey)(I’m too far gone..). Actually it wasn’t at night, I don’t remember quite when it was…but it had all started from youtube, just like half the things in world right now. Michelle Phan was life teacher okay.. and if you didn’t know her you were the Southern tumble weed to me, just kidding. Just I rushed to put on makeup someone more informative stopped me, Madre!

My mother is wonderful, but one thing we never, and still never agree on is makeup. One day after getting really annoyed I asked what was so wrong about wearing makeup– there were the usual reasons, “you’re beautiful as it is!”; “The only makeup you need is moisturizer”,:”It’s not your face, it’s your pits” (just kidding–or so you think! Mhahaha!)[She didn’t say the last one]. The real words she said are a mystery but what I really got from it was that she was saying that makeup was not good for you, heck it wasn’t even probably safe to put in the ground.. so what could I use on my face? Everything was the enemy after that! but luckily I had a thousand year old recipe for kajal, a beautiful antiseptic eyeliner.  My great, great aunt used to make this herself, in India they use it not only as eyeliner they use it to protect babies’s eyes!! This was something good for me, and I started finding more and more natural recipes online for makeup, good for skin. That is what what I strive to show you, but why are manufactured cosmetics bad for you and why would they do that, more importantly why aren’t I just leaving the natural makeup blog stuff to all the people making a careeer out of it, if I’ve got nothing new to offer? (you think..) Gotta go but stay tuned!


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